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To promote a healthy gut microbiome in your working dog you need four things:

  1. A synbiotic (both a probiotic + a prebiotic)
  2. Fermented foods.
  3. Brewed foods.
  4. Green foods.

WORKING DOG contains all four:

  1. Bacillus subtilis (Natto) 1-10x10 6/L and short-chain fatty acids.
  2. Naturally fermented.
  3. Naturally brewed.
  4. Concentrated kelp extract.

Expected signs that your working dog has a healthy microbiome after WORKING DOG

Physical signs:

  • Renewed Enthusiasm
  • Great Coat
  • Good Skin
  • Good Appetite
  • Fresh Breath
  • No Gut/UT issues
  • Less Flatulence

Mental signs:

  • Optimism
  • Calmness
  • Balance
  • Less Stressed
  • Less concern for outside stimuli
  • Happiness

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