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Introducing the Dynavyte secret for Happy Livestock Dynavyte MBS is particularly beneficial for milking goats and calf rearing. We hear from two New Zealanders at the top of their game in these animal husbandries Read More Food animals' consumption of antibiotics is risking our health According to the Medical Journal of Australia ( published Monday); the large volumes of antibiotics used in food-producing animals in Australia has grave implications for the ongoing effectiveness of life-saving antibiotic medicines in humans. Read More Probiotics and the gut-brain axis/connection Research has found that probiotics have a positive benefit with stress relief. Reducing stress is vital for both animal welfare and animal production. Studies have also shown that giving probiotics decreases anxiety and depression. Read More Calf Rearing with MBS It’s that time of the year when most cows are ready to calve. Producers will be planning to rear calves for heifer replacement and for sale and need to maximise the benefits from milk feeding. Read More Differentiating between probiotics Part 1 ​We are often asked what is the difference between the probiotics readily available on the market. In part one of this series we compare (Natto) and (boulardii) Read More Food Safety and Dynavyte Microbiome Support The recent Salmonella scare resulting in an egg recall in Australia highlights the importance of minimising the potential for contamination of animal products in the food chain Read More