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Michael Dagostino is heading to Adelaide with team Dynavyte

Perth’s 5* Eventer, Michael Dagostino is the latest to join our Elite riders. He will be competing at the Adelaide International 3 Day Event along with 4 others on team Dynavyte.

Michael's expertise is eventing and he has had significant success over a number of years and has appeared in the top ranks of riders in Australia, culminating in his recent qualification as a 5* competitor.

Michael has competed in many different equestrian sports including hacking, dressage, show jumping, polocrosse and polo., but eventing is his passion. He presently manages the Oakford Equestrian Centre in Perth, and has also played an active administrative role in equestrian sports in Western Australia.

We asked Michael a few quick questions …

When did you start riding horses?

"Started riding at the age of 5 on our dairy farm in Harvey."

Your age now?


Why Eventing?

"The overall challenge of the 3 disciplines combined with the electric buzz of cross country makes eventing the ultimate equestrian sport."

Family involvement?

"My wife Bec loves competing at lower levels and our little 3 year old is loving her riding."

Memorable achievements:

"Completing Melbourne 3 day event 4 Star and winning Equestrian in the Park."

Where do you source your horses?

"Normally off the Track horses from our regular trainers who know the attributes we look for."

Training methods?

"We are great believers in bringing horses along slowly and we like to get them well established at a level before moving up."

Advice to others?

"Patience with horses coming through the grades pays off in the long run"

What keeps you “hooked”?

"The buzz of cross country, but also catching up with many life long friends we have made In the sport."

Favourite Dynavyte products?

"We love Microbiome Support it’s just an incredible product that the competition horses do very well on."

POSTSCRIPT: Michael finished a credible 9th in his first International 5* at the Adelaide 3DE. Team Dynavyte managed 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings in the 4* short course. Congratulations to Andrew Cooper(1st), Jessica Rae(2nd), and Matt Gaske(3rd). #poweredbydynavyte

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