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Introducing Will Gilmore, a Dynavyte sponsored rider.

Will Gilmore is a 4 Goal Polo player who is the President of the Queensland Downs Polo Club. The Clifton-based player has represented his country on numerous occasions in World Cup Polo, and has travelled the world playing the sport professionally.

Will grew up in a famous polo playing family and has played the fast paced sport his whole life.

The well-known and respected Gilmore family, from Clifton on the Darling Downs, has made its living off the land since 1899, and the well-mounted horsemen have carved a niche in the sport of polo in Queensland.

Will's cousin, Glen, is currently the highest ranked Australian player, along with international polo player, Ruki Baillieu, from Victoria.

Along with his wife Taya and two small children, Will runs a polo, horse training and breeding business from Queensland’s Darling Downs. His aim for his horses as well as his client’s horses is to have the horses looking, feeling and performing at their best. Will currently has 24 horses in work and feed.

We hear from Will:

"When Dad played, I used to go with him to tournaments when I was as young as six and seven and strap for him," Will recalls. "I played my first season as a 14-year-old for the Downs club (Clifton), and we struggled to get juniors to play back then," he said.

"As soon as I left school I went away playing."

"In 2005, I went over to England and worked and played for about three months, based in Surrey, and then in 2006, I went over to Palm Beach, Florida, and played for another three month stint," he said.

"In between stints playing overseas, I'd come home to Clifton for a couple of months at a time, and play in tournaments on some of Dad's horses," he said.

Indeed, Will has played polo in England, America, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and China, on many occasions representing Australia.

Now he is concentrating on playing younger horses and training horses for outside clients.
Will believes a lot of success in polo is due to the quality of pony you ride.

"We have had some great ponies, which Dad has bred, that have played at the highest level in the sport," he said.

Will’s ambitions:

Will remains a four goal player but his aim is to get as high as five or six in the next few years.
"And hopefully I will get to play for Australia again.”

Will’s favourite Dynavyte product is MicroBiome Support.

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