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Dynavyte MicroBiome Support and feeding costs.

The important factors in feeding a horse or any animal is breakdown and absorption of the feed components. Bacillus subtilis ‘natto’ (B. natto) produces enzymes that breakdown fibre, protein, amylose and fats.

There are other added benefits produced from the Bacillus including stimulating immunity, producing vitamin K2, serotonin and neuropeptides.

Bacillus subtilis ‘natto’ enhances the gut microbiota by promoting Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria (“the good gut microbes”).

These properties of B. natto have been scientifically validated and have been published in the leading scientific journals around the world.

To see examples of the effects of Dynavyte MBS (weight gain, glossy coats and horse owner observations) please see the facebook page.

Dynavyte MBS when purchased by the 20 litre is costing about 70 cents per day for a 50 ml dose.

A comparison of other products that claim to assist the gut microbiota should be assessed on a cost benefit basis.

It is not unusual for these products to be in the region of $5.00 to $7.00 per day or more and some of their claims have no superior benefits over providing Bacillus subtilis ‘natto’ daily.

Just remember that these costs are over and above your basic feed costs. So be wary of how many additives that you use otherwise it can become a very expensive exercise.

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