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Bushfire planning.

Plan ahead!

This is the best advice for the upcoming bushfire season to keep yourselves and your horses safe.

The Dynavyte range of products may be beneficial for the effects of smoke and poor air quality for your horses during the upcoming bushfire season.

Smoke and poor air quality compromise the immune system. Dynavyte MicroBiome Support (MBS) contains a living probiotic in spore form that boosts the immune system.

Dynavyte MBS is also very resistant to high temperatures (you probably need to steam the mixture – over 100 degrees Celsius - to kill it). Summertime temperatures won’t affect the probiotic and that means it can easily be stored in a shed or stables for easy use.

Dynavyte Force Vital is a supplement that may assist with clearance of the lungs of small particles and the subsequent mucus that exist with poor air quality. These small particles pass through the normal defences to the lower parts of the lungs.

Dynavyte Force Vital may also assist with opening up the lungs and increasing the amount of air and oxygen taken into the lungs. Asthmatic horses are particularly susceptible to smoke and poor air quality.

Should your horse suffer burns from fires then Dynavyte Stop Greasy is a great all purpose topical cream for recovery of skin wounds after the serum has stopped oozing and granulation tissue has covered the wound.

Lung irritation and burns produce inflammation and there may be a benefit from using Dynavyte Tenderfoot (not just for feet).

Always consult your veterinarian for specific advice on burns and/or medical issues.

Please remember, do not place yourself in danger from bushfires. Plan ahead and move you and your horses to a safer area early.

Better safe than sorry!

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