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Age Related Changes

Changes occur in bodily organs and tissues as animals age. All animals are individuals and age at different rates. The following discussion illustrates some of these age related changes:

“Inflammaging” is the chronic low level inflammation in many body tissues and organs related to ageing. A report from The Netherlands in 2017 found that transferring the gut microbiota from older mice into young mice produced the inflammatory changes that occur with age in various organs and tissues.

This scientific study provides evidence that therapies targeting age related changes may use dietary, prebiotic and probiotic supplements in ageing animals.

Dynavyte MicroBiome Support (MBS) may positively affect the gut microbiota enhancing good microbes.

The immune system is also negatively affected with age.
Dynavyte MBS may positively affect the immune system.

There are age related changes in joints and their surrounding tissues and a decrease in bone density.

Dynavyte Prime Osseticol provides the building blocks for healthy bone, tendon and joint tissues. Dynavyte Luronica may also assist with the joint fluid composition.

The digestive system also ages. Animals are not able to process and digest their food as efficiently as they have when younger.

Dynavyte MBS contains the probiotic Bacillus subtilis ‘Natto’ at 1 x 10⁸/L and produces enzymes that breakdown protein, fibre and other parts of the diet.

To illustrate the effects of Dynavyte MBS on an aged horse please find to the left, 2 photos of ‘Jenna’ a 26 year old mare from Wallan, Victoria. The first photo was taken on 4th February 2018. The second photo was from 23rd February 2018 after 50 ml of Dynavyte MBS and no other changes to the feed. That is just 19 days later!!

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