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Why do domestic dogs need MBS?

As human’s best friend, dogs have accompanied us on our journey to civilisation.

But along the way they have suffered as we have, from the over-processing and over-simplifying of food and diet, all in the name of opportunity, progress and convenience.

Dogs were hunters

Before dogs were domesticated and took their place by our side, they led another very different life. In the wild, dogs were hunters, mainly of herbivores or grass eating animals, and the leader of the pack, or “top dog,” would take its pick from the kill.

And what was that? The animal’s offal which contained semi-digested plant matter, stomach bacteria, and vitamins peculiar to the powerhouse organs of the body. This rich choice of food, ensured that the top dog remained the best animal in the pack, not only to lead and protect, but to breed.

The science

Today scientists can explain why this instinctive choice of food by the "top dog" gave it an advantage. The “live” good bacteria busily digesting the plant matter in the gut of the fallen animal is a “probiotic” microbe necessary to build a dogs microbiome.

The highly processed foods that your dog consumes limit the gut microbiota diversity. Variety is the spice of life, and so is your dogs diet. The addition of MBS may contribute to the biodiversity necessary for your dog's future health and well being.

The studies

Not only may MBS provide assistance to diversify and balance your dog's microbiome, observed studies suggest improvement in vigour, and coat throughout your dog's life.

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