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Are we feeding our cats right ?

A cat’s sharp feline teeth and short digestive tract are made to eat and get their nutrients from their prey. They are not adapted to digest grains or other plant material and their system cannot utilise these foods effectively.

Care must be taken feeding digestible carbohydrates and roughage as their system is not designed to cope with these human food elements.

The digestive tract of cats is very short when compared with dogs and people. It only takes 10 to 24 hours for food to pass through a cat. Therefore, cats must process their food quickly within a shorter small intestine.

Cats require specific types of protein (such as taurine), and cope with high levels of fat in their diet. Protein levels in the diet should be high for a healthy cat and cats can use protein for energy. Fats are also used for energy, their essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins.

Fish is not a traditional food for cats even though most cats like fish. It has been suggested that high fish diets be supplemented with vitamin K.

Adding Dynavyte Pets MBS to a cat’s diet optimises its digestion of protein and fats and provides the necessary vitamin K2.

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