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WORKING DOG may influence factors that affect your dogs such as their immunity, environmental exposure to pathogens, usage of antibiotics and changes in diet.

WORKING DOG may be beneficial in the following areas for your farm dogs:

  • supporting the immune system
  • during a course of antibiotics, to assist gut recovery
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • supporting digestion
  • maximising nutrition
  • in cases of effective vitamin deficiency - supplying thiamin and B vitamins especially vitamin B12
  • improving faecal consistency and odour
  • decreasing flatulence
  • improving coat condition
  • improving puppy immunity by feeding to the pregnant bitch
  • decreasing pup mortality
  • brain support
  • reducing pathogens in the environment from faecal contamination
  • reducing the transmission of pathogens to other animals and your family

All of these benefits may combine to improve the health, well-being and working lives of your farm dogs.


Contains naturally occurring substances with low toxicity.

Regulators have no concerns when used as a direct-fed microbial product and it is not implicated in any adverse event. Officially classified as generally regarded as safe (GRAS).

Produced in a GMP and APVMA registered facility.
A documented history of safe use in food.


Reducing the ammonia released into the surrounds (soil, air and water).

Decreasing the pathogens present in the faeces that may spread to your family or the animals on your farm.

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