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Dynavyte MicroBiome Support essentially nurtures the microbiome of an animal’s body. Through nurturing the microbiome Dynavyte MicroBiome Support contributes to:

1. Balance (or homeostasis - the natural balance - of the animal),

2. Sustainable wellness (with long-term health benefits) and;

3. Animal welfare

The microbiome is the whole environment including bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses, immediately surrounding and within every living thing.

The microbiome can be divided into the separate microbiota that are the individual environments of a defined area of the body including their respective microbes. For example, skin microbiota (found on all skin surfaces – scalp, face, underarm, etc), respiratory microbiota (found on the mucous membrane surfaces of the nostrils, throat, windpipe and lung sacs), gastrointestinal microbiota (found within the stomach and intestines).

Dynavyte MicroBiome Support (MBS) assists the body to stabilise the microbiome (enhancing the beneficial microbes and competing with the bad microbes).

Dynavyte MBS has health benefits which may be sustained with a daily dose.

(See more Articles for further benefits of Dynavyte MicroBiome Support).

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