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This excellent article on travelling horses long distances would not surprise anyone in the equine industry.

In the past 30 years, I have seen many travel sick horses at yearling horse sales where young horses unaccustomed to travel are especially susceptible to not drinking and suffering from travel sickness. Similarly, horses are affected after air transport between continents.

TIP: Early intervention with travel sick horses is paramount. Always take your horse’s temperature and be familiar with that horses normal temperature range.
The statistics presented in this article represent an average of one horse with health issues in every 5 truck journeys (46 in 1650 horses over 180 journeys).

Preparation is the key concept from each of the experienced horse transporters mentioned here. Dynavyte (MicroBiome Support) MBS as used by Paul Austin should be part of that preparation before travelling and taken with the horse to be available and used during and after travel.

TIP: The daily dose of 40 to 60 ml may be doubled in stressful conditions such as transportation.

Various factors stated in the ‘The Long Haul’ support the use of Dynavyte MBS for travel:

  1. Transport stress
    A common comment regarding the use of Dynavyte MBS is that the horses appear more settled and this should assist with the stress of travelling.
  2. Physiology/internal management
    The gut is seen as the origin of many disease conditions due to a dysbiosis (microbial imbalance). The pre- and probiotics in Dynavyte MBS may bring the gut microbiota back to balance by enhancing Lactobacilli and competing with disease causing microbes.
  3. Carry a vet kit including thermometer
    Dynavyte MBS administered to a compromised horse may assist while waiting for the vet to arrive.
    TIP: Use the dose measuring 1 litre bottle or decant to a smaller container for your Dynavyte MBS supply on your journey for convenience.
  4. Preparation
    Paul Austin uses and recommends Dynavyte MBS for 2 or 3 weeks prior to travel. A great suggestion as the benefits of Dynavyte MBS should extend into the travel period.
  5. Dehydration
    As “the risk of dehydration is high” and “some horses are reluctant to drink when away from home” due to “water that smells”, adding Dynavyte MBS to the water will give the water that molasses taste and smell without the sugar that can exacerbate dehydration. The brewing and fermentation process used in producing Dynavyte MBS consumes the sugar content.

TIP: Dynavyte MBS is well accepted by horses when administered by dosing syringe. The daily dose can also be added to the feed or the water without affecting the viability of the probiotic (unlike many other probiotics that would die under those conditions).

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