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The active ingredient in MBS is Bacillus subtilis (Natto).

Studies indicate that feeding Bacillus subtilis (Natto) improves productivity and immunity in poultry.


Broiler chickens increased weight gain and improved feed conversion rates, along with stronger immune response to vaccination, a decrease in E. coli population in the gut and more breast meat.

Serum ammonia decreased improving small intestinal function and nutrient digestibility and absorption.

Layer chickens, increased eggshell thickness, yolk colour and decreased cholesterol.

In ducks improved weight gain, feed intake and feed conversion. Decreased serum urea, nitrogen, glucose, triglyceride and total cholesterol. Increased serum enzymes and Lactobacilli populations in the ileum and caecum.

Improved growth from increased absorption of protein, stimulated hormone secretion (T₃ and T₄), and reduced harmful microflora (E.coli and Salmonella) improving duodenal structure and immunity.

This reduction in harmful microflora has major implications for the control of salmonella and E.coli outbreaks in the community, due to contaminated egg products and chickens.

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