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Research based effects of humates in chickens

Influenced live weights, growth and feed conversion (10% increase in one study)

A decrease in mortality ( 47% in one study), increase in immunity (5-7% in one study)

Decreased nitrogen excretion, reduced odour, improved protein digestion, and improved calcium and trace element utilisation, with added protective benefits for liver damage, stomach damage and enlargement of the heart.

Humic acids may stabilise gut microbes and inhibit pathogenic bacterial growth and growth of moulds reducing mycotoxins.
Humic acids may form a gut coating protecting the mucous membrane from infection and toxin absorption. May also decrease water loss from the intestine.

Flavinoids in humates are a source of anti-inflammatory properties.
Increased meat quality, and a high affinity for Aflatoxin B1 restricting its adverse effect on body weight.

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