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Probiotics can help dogs with smelly farts …

Flatulence or farting begins with the small intestine delivering partly broken down food to the colon or large intestine where gas is produced. This excessive fermentation in the colon produces more gas than is normal which may be very smelly.

Excessive flatulence or farting can be caused by your dog swallowing too much air, or from their food. Sudden changes in diet, certain foods and off food can create foul gas.

Flatulence can also be an indicator of internal problems, including inflammatory conditions of the bowel, bacterial overgrowth, etc. Flatulence is not normally a sign of disease; however, if disease is suspected please consult your veterinarian.

The nitty gritty of how Dynavyte MBS may help with flatulence?

Dynavyte MBS is a synbiotic, a balanced combination of prebiotics and probiotics. It works on improving the health of your dog’s gut by:

Producing enzymes to break down food more efficiently

Inhibiting the bad microorganisms

Promoting the good microbes

Reducing fungal toxins

Providing anti-inflammatory properties

Enhancing the immune system and gut health and gut wall integrity

Making antifungal and other antimicrobial chemicals

Reducing bad bacteria numbers in the poo, meaning a cleaner environment for you and your family …

A naturally brewed, vegan friendly formula, MBS is very palatable for your dog, so its all good …really

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