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MicroBiome Support for Pigs

MBS contains a live bacterial probiotic. It is expected to create health and welfare benefits by influencing factors that affect production in piggeries such as stress (e.g. at weaning, transportation, etc), immunity, environmental exposure to pathogens, usage of antibiotics and changes in diet.

MBS may be beneficial in the following areas for the pig industry:

  • growth performance, carcass composition and meat quality traits
  • reducing the effects of stress during weaning and transport
  • improving gut health in suckling and starter pigs
  • enhancing immune function
  • maximising feed utilisation
  • reducing the transmission of pathogens to piglets at birth via vaginal flora at birth
  • promoting immunity to newborn pigs via the sow's faeces, colostrum and milk

When sows are supplemented with direct-fed Bacillus subtilis (only one component of MBS), you may expect the following effects:

  • reducing intestinal pathogens in the sow (E.coli and Clostridium perfingens)
  • reducing the transmission of pathogens in the environment from faecal contamination
  • decreasing piglet mortality
  • increasing weaning weights of piglets
  • promoting immunity beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus sp. in piglets

When sows are fed kelp extract (only one component of MBS) you may expect:

  • increasing concentrations of colostrum IgA and IgG (important immunoglobulins)
  • increasing serum IgG concentrations in suckling pigs
  • increasing daily weight gain of weaners
  • decreasing intestinal pathogens such as E.coli and Enterobacteriaceae
  • decreasing faecal bacteria i.e. Enterobacteriaceae

All of these benefits may combine to increase production levels in piggeries.


MBS contains naturally occurring substances with low toxicity. Regulators have no concerns when used as a direct-fed microbial product and not implicated in any adverse events. Officially classified as generally regarded as safe (GRAS). MBS is classed as an E.N.D. product (an excluded nutritional or digestive product). MBS is produced in a GMP and APVMA registered facility. It contains no restricted animal material. This product contains no ionophores. A documented history of safe use in food. No meat withdrawal times for MBS.

Environmental Safety of MBS

Reducing the nitrates and nitric oxide released into the surrounds (soil, air and water). Decreasing pathogens present in the faeces that may spread to you or the animals on your farm.

Animal Welfare benefits of MBS

Reducing the stress levels in your herd at weaning and during transportation, promoting positive animal welfare outcomes and production.

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