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It’s official, the Australian World Cup Polocrosse team has been announced, with Dynavyte Elite rider Will Weston on board!

Taking place from April 22–29 this year, the Adina Polocrosse World Cup is the biggest international event on the polocrosse calendar and will be the largest international sporting event ever to be held in rural Australia.

The event will be played in Warwick and is set to attract 60,000 spectators, more than 2000 international visitors, and 300 players from eight countries, all battling it out for the sport’s top honour.

Elite rider, Will Weston, is on the team, and for the third time is representing Australia.

As a shy young country guy, he is just at home on the land mending fences and feeding stock, as he is representing his country on the national stage.
His home track is in Jugiong, on the beautiful banks of the Murrumbidgee River, NSW.

We hear from Will:

"I'm almost 40, but I can't remember learning to ride, so I must have been young ... around 4 or 5?"

"Polocrosse is always something we have done in our family. I like horses and I like ball sports. Polocrosse is both."

Most Memorable Achievement?:

"My most memorable achievement is playing for Australia. I first represented Australia in 2008 in the UK. I will compete in my third World Cup in April 2019 in Warwick QLD, the World Cup is played every 4 years."

"I have been in the NSW mens side which has held the winning National mens trophy for the past 10 years. Our South West slopes zone side has won for the past 5 years. My home club Jugiong is also a successful club in which I am proud to be a part of. "

"I travelled to South Africa to compete in the High Goal in 2017 and 18."

"More recently my most memorable achievements are playing with and watching my kids ( all five of them) and the life long friends I have made in polocrosse."


"We breed most of our horses. My father-in-law and I enjoy looking for the perfect horse. We use thoroughbred and stock horses mainly."

"Finding the right combinations is the hard part. Not to mention the 5 or 6 years it takes to get them ready for competition. I break them in at home. I try not to rush them but at the same time if you teach them what you want early on it makes it easier in the long run."

"Playing Polocrosse on our horses that we breed and break-in keeps me competitive and playing. To see if the next horse is as good as the last, and of course my family!"

Favourite Dynavyte Products:

"We started using Microbiome Support last year. The horses loved it, we traveled to Perth with 9 horses on the truck, the mares who usually went off their feed ate all the way over competed at Nationals and never looked like they were going to stop eating."

"Our horses overall are looking better, feel good under the saddle and, it's always good to see them playing in the paddock. We have on hand Tenderfoot for a couple of our older horses who are not lame but don't seem as free after competition; since using Tenderfoot Monday mornings look much better for them."

"Also, we love the Stopgreasy. We actually used it on a small wound on one of our horses, worked great. Is a must for our truck and stables."

"The convenience of the Dynavyte team coming to our home is great, they always keep us updated and informed of their products."


The Australian team reclaimed the Adina World Cup from South Africa. Pictured ( top left) the team with Will Weston just right of the trophy. Photo courtesy of Shannon Gilson Photography, Zambia.

Photo middle left: NSW polocrosse club championships at Albury, June 2019.Will Weston played on the Jugiong polocrosse club team and is pictured with his best horse, 9 year old bay gelding 'Silverhills Skim'.

Photo bottom left: Will Weston's cattle truck. He uses Livestock MBS as well!

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