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Dynavyte MicroBiome Support (MBS) and enzymes (part 3).

Not every Bacillus subtilis produces phytases; however, Bacillus subtilis natto has been shown to produce these enzymes.

What are phytases?

Phytases are enzymes that when present in the gut breakdown the indigestible salts of phytic acid (known as phytates) that are found in plants that have been eaten by the animal.

Phytates inhibit the absorption of iron, zinc and calcium from the gut. This may lead to mineral deficiencies and consequences for the animal concerned.

Phytates also contain phosphorus in the form of phosphates that when in the phytate forms are unavailable to the animal. Phytases break down the indigestible forms of phosphorus and create usable forms of inorganic phosphorus. To see how phosphorus is vital to animal health: https://www.feedphosphates.org...

To read more about phytases: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Remember Dynavyte MBS contains Bacillus subtilis natto and this may have a multitude of benefits for the health of the animal.

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