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Dynavyte MicroBiome Support (MBS) and enzymes (Part 2).

The milk-clotting enzyme (MCE) is a substitute for rennin and Bacillus subtilis natto is one of the microbial sources for its production.

Reference: Milk-clotting enzymes produced by culture of Bacillus subtilis natto. Chwen-Jen Shieh, Lan-Anh Phan Thi and Ing-Lung Shih. Biochemical Engineering Journal 43 (2009) 85-91

This enzyme is beneficial for calves and young animals drinking milk.
What does rennin do?
Rennin aka Chymosin aids digestion in very young animals by curdling or coagulating the milk.

Why is curdling or coagulation so important?
By curdling or coagulating the milk a clot is formed slowing down the flow of milk through the digestive tract. This delay allows time for the protein content of the milk to be effectively digested and benefits the young animal.

Some of the animals where rennin is extremely important are: calves, lambs, kids (goats), camel calves, piglets and kittens.

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